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Patek Philippe watches are very popular with connoisseurs and collectors. As the last independent and family-owned Geneva watchmaker, this brand represents a tradition of innovation. We are experts in Patek Philippe fake watches and we are always interested in purchasing well-preserved copies of this brand. We also offer our clients exquisite models of this Geneva brand for sale. Sometimes you will find models like Gondolo, Aquanaut or Patek Philippe Complications. We are happy to help you with your search! In the center of Vienna, you will find your personal Patek Philippe watch from the master watchmaker you trust.

Patek Philippe Nautilus

It is true that the last member of our top 5 is certainly not one of the best replica watches in the world. Not surprising, because Patek Philippe Nautilus prices only start in the five-digit range. However, its popularity is indisputable: customers of the popular reference 5711 have to wait eight to twelve years for their masterpiece, a record value.

When the first Nautilus was introduced in 1976, a reaction to the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak launched in 1972, such a demand would have been unthinkable. On the contrary: hardly anyone was interested in the sports niche product in the high-end segment. It was not until years later that the striking porthole design, in which Royal Oak designer Gerald Genta was inspired by Jules Verne's novel "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea", would reach its current popularity. Incidentally, Captain Nemo's Nautilus submarine also provided the name template for the Swiss time indicator.

Patek Philippe Innovations

Adrien Philippe was also a brilliant inventor and visionary. He designed the modern crown winding system for mechanical imitation watches (1845), one of the most revolutionary inventions in watch history, which finally took shape in 1861. In 1845, the founding duo Antoine Graf of Patek and Jean-Adrien Philippe succeeded Another hit, they invented the principle of the minute repeater. Just two years later, Adrien Philippe introduced the mainspring with a free end attached to a trailing fence. This development was decisive for the further development of the automatic replica watch. Between 1845 and 1996 (annual calendar), Patek Philippe patented more than 70 inventions, including the double chronograph in 1902, the first perpetual calendar wristwatch (1925), and the first wrist chronograph (1927).

And yet another innovation is associated with the brand name: the display of the date as we know it today. Although watches replica with additional hands and a calendar scale on the edge of the dial were already widespread, they were optically messy and difficult to read. It is no wonder that the Rolex Datejust with its discreet viewing window and date disk integrated into the dial immediately became a best seller.

Hublot Big Bang

The Hublot workhorse did not appear on the great replica watch scene until 2005 and yet it gives the impression that the watch has always existed. While the basic design with the six screws attached to the bezel is very reminiscent of the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, its hublot replica DNA is unmistakable at the same time. A bit sportier, there are different colors and constellations of spheres, with unusual materials like carbon and fiberglass-like internal windings being used.

TAG Heuer Carrera

Over the years, Best Tag Heuer Replica Watch has been so closely linked to motorsports that the names have become today. The Carrera Motorsport watch came to light in 1963. The chronograph function was so precise and easy to use that the watch quickly became very popular in motorsports. And as a watch for daily use? It has a sleek and sporty look that is available in different colors. The Carrera typically costs only half the price of a Rolex, but it will also increase in value over time. This is why this super clone watch is a good investment.

The same number of people Googled TAG Heuer Carrera. The collection, introduced in the 1960s, is synonymous with robust and random chronographs, although in recent years the elegant three-hand 1:1 replica watches have become part of the collection, especially with the Caliber 5 series.


The public success of the endurance test led to a long series of collaborations with athletes and explorers who have repeatedly tested the durability of Rolex copy watches in the most inhospitable extreme situations in the world. Also legendary are the excursions to the deepest point of the oceans that divers have made with models of the Deepsea series. When explorer Jaques Picard submerged Trieste in his submersible to the deepest point in the world's oceans, Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trench, in 1960, a Rolex Deep Sea Special was attached to the outer skin of his ship. Also in 2012, the series' knock off watches were an active part of the team when director James Cameron and the National Geographic Society again plunged into the Challenger Deep with the Deepsea Challenger. A Rolex Deepsea Challenge was attached to a robotic arm. Given that the replica watch climbed again without damage or damage from a depth of 11,000 meters, we can rightly speak of an "engineering masterpiece".

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