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Wednesday, March 5 at 8pm sl at the Benicia Hill Community Center:

Love in the Metaverse: SL Relationships — Second Life author Ansel Gasparini is looking for any and all opinions to help new residents with this sometimes thorny, always facinating topic.

We’ll be discussing such questions as: “1) How are SL relationshps different than RL relationships 2) How is partnering different in SL than in RL? How does partnering add/detract from your SL experience? 3) Why does it seem relationships in SL are so accelerated? 4) Advice for new residents on forming relationships? 5) SL Sex, to do it or not, how does it work, what to avoid, try?”‘

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I’ve still yet to find the magic formula for acheiving optimal attendence at discussion events. I think it’s a combination of various factors plus a little random luck. Perhaps someday I’ll explore the factors here in this medium, but for the moment, I will say that in general it’s better to post your event earlier rather than later. As in: days in advance. And now there’s more reason to do so, apparently. Today the Lindens added a little note to the event listing page that reads: “[PLEASE NOTE: Posts should be made 24-48 hours in advance to help assure listing in-world]” Strikes me as bizarre that a post could take up to 48 hours to propagate in-world, but that’s okay. Doesn’t hurt to be early anyway. I guess this would explain why my event last week didn’t appear in in-world search! Happy listing, my fellow discussion nerds.

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At 3:30pm slt today, Extropia DaSilva is hosting a discussion about the implications of explosive population growth in Second Life:

“Linden Labs recently introduced plans to limit access to SL when the ‘demand for transmission of data between servers is outstripping the ability of the network to support it’. In other words, when there are too many people in SL, the grid simply cannot cope. When this ocurrs, ‘only those Second Life Residents who have transacted with Linden Lab either by being a premium account holder, owning land, or purchasing currency on the LindeX, will be able to log-in’ and new account registrations will be closed.

Is it true to say that it was only through ‘free’ accounts that LL managed to secure a million+ ‘residents’, and that this was a worthless target, given that SL seems to choke on anything higher than tens of thousands?

Come discuss with Extropia DaSilva. All welcome.”

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It’s Wednesday night, and that means it’s time for wednesday night chat at the Benicia Hill Community Center at 8pm slt. Tonight is “open topic” so brings ideas for stuff to discuss. Serious. Silly. Whatever you like. fake watches

  • Obama for President (6pm slt)
  • Rubyists of Second Life Meeting (6pm slt)
  • The Rubyists meeting is “show and tell.” From the description: ” Bring any Ruby or Rails script you’ve developed and would like to discuss & share with the group.” Sounds like good, clean, nerdy replica rolex watches wholesale from china

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    The following blurb was forward to me today by a SLake reader. (Thanks!)

    “Please come and join in the discussion at the first meeting of the newly formed ‘Language and Culture Exchange’ group in Second Life. This group was established to promote language and culture exchange through the creation of a dynamic language and culture lesson database and a coordinated learning and exchange program in Second Life.

    Event to be held at 15.30 SL time at imagiLEARNING

    Join the Skypecast here:

    We’ll also be streaming at WorldBridges (Sandbox B)”

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    You’re a creative person, so pop on by the Bakery of the Poets tonight to chat about creativity. From the blurb: “Come on by Bakery of the Poets. Set your region to midnight and let’s talk about art, creativity and inspiration. Question of the night: To be decided.”

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    Wednesday night, we’re eschewing the obvious Valentine’s Day theme and going for a political discussion instead. Take that, Cupid. Come discuss the War in Iraq at the Benicia Hill Community Center.

    Tuesday night is hoppin’ with four (at the time of this writing) excellent discussion events, at various places around SL with various hosts:

    • 3:30PM Thinkers Discussion: Can the Lindens become Deist gods?
    • 6:00PM Meet the Authors Of the Second Life Official Guide
    • 7:00PM Political Forum: Iran – Rogue State?
    • 9:00PM Socrates Cafe

    Go nuts!

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    I’m back from my vacation/business trip, and I’ve scheduled tomorrow’s BHCC chat. It’s at 8:00pm slt. Here’s the blurbage:

    The topic: “YouTube Link Fiesta! Come share and enjoy the best (or worst) of YouTube. Tell people about your favorite clips. Find out about new ones you haven’t seen. It’s stupid – It’s fun – Get over here. IM Bieneff Bruder for tp.”

    * Update * Here’s the YouTube playlist of the clips mentioned during the discussion: (Thanks, Stephen!)

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    Hooray. The Rubyists of Second Life are back and having a 2007 kickoff meeting on Wednesday, February 7th at 6:00pm slt. If you’re unfamiliar with Ruby, please read the Wikipedia entry about it. (Hint: It’s a programming language.)

    “Rubyists of Second Life Meeting – 2007 Kickoff

    We’ll hold our first meeting of the new year, starting Wed, Feb 7th.

    “This will be an informal meet and greet gathering. We’ll discuss what we
    want the RoSL group to accomplish this year.

    “We hold regular meetings at the Rubyists of Second Life HQ, Kula 3 (198, 211, 21) on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month at 6:00 PM SL time ( prevailing Pacific time ) IM StarJunky Fermi for a teleport.”

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    Soren Ferlinghetti has IMed to let me know that they’re having another great event at the Virtual Temple: 5 p.m. slt on Feb 1. I’d love to post more details here, but the  SL events web page isn’t showing the event, and, given the wednesdayness of this morning, I can’t duck in world to have a look. Rest assured it’ll be a good one; just go. 🙂

    Also, there’s an open chat tonight at the Benicia Hill Community Center at 8 p.m. slt. I won’t be available to host, so we have a special guest moderator: Stephen Sabena. Enjoy!

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