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Easing Into 2007

Today, January 1, is pretty quiet in terms of discussion events in SL — there are none listed — but tomorrow night is shaping up nicely already. There are, at the time of this writing, three discussion events scheduled already:

At 3:30PM SLT, Extropia DaSilva is hosting a discussion on Support For Healing Island called: “Thinkers Discussion: Criticising Linden Labs.” Judging by the description, this will be a look at how and why we go about criticising Linden Lab, not a sustained session of actual criticising. Good stuff. This sentence in particular caught my eye: “At what point does constructive criticism degenerate into unreasonable attacks that simply expect the impossible?” Indeed!

At 5:00PM SLT, Soren Ferlinghetti is hosting a discussion in Bluenose about the Bright movement titled “The Ethics of Atheism — at the Virtual Temple.”

And, finally, at 9:00PM SLT, you can join the Socrates Cafe discussion at Verum’s Place.

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