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Millions of Accounts: Too Many Too Soon?

At 3:30pm slt today, Extropia DaSilva is hosting a discussion about the implications of explosive population growth in Second Life:

“Linden Labs recently introduced plans to limit access to SL when the ‘demand for transmission of data between servers is outstripping the ability of the network to support it’. In other words, when there are too many people in SL, the grid simply cannot cope. When this ocurrs, ‘only those Second Life Residents who have transacted with Linden Lab either by being a premium account holder, owning land, or purchasing currency on the LindeX, will be able to log-in’ and new account registrations will be closed.

Is it true to say that it was only through ‘free’ accounts that LL managed to secure a million+ ‘residents’, and that this was a worthless target, given that SL seems to choke on anything higher than tens of thousands?

Come discuss with Extropia DaSilva. All welcome.”

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