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Discussion Group In Action

I host discussion events in Second Life so I meet a lot of people who like to discuss, debate, and generally share ideas. A common complaint I hear about SL from these folks is that while it’s all but impossible NOT to find gambling and strip clubs, it’s decidedly more challenging to find events that are more substantial and compelling. The goal of this blog, SLake, is to bridge that gap and to provide a reliable source of information about events and projects that appeal to the mind and/or spirit. Second Life beyond the poseballs, so to speak.

Second Life is as varied as Real Life. Maybe more so, given the freedom from certain RL constraints. (Flown over a building under your own power lately in RL? Slapped together a castle in an afternoon, perhaps? Waltzed with a dragon?) The range of activities in world are marvelously broad: everything from the silly to the sublime to the sexual to the serious… Now, Slake doesn’t look down on silliness or Slingo or sexual experimentation or gambling or the club circuit — it’s just that, when scanning the bounty of our virtual feast, it’s so easy to find the sweets and difficult to find the meats. Er, so to speak. I mean meaty things like: interesting discussions, book clubs, special interest group meetings, community-oriented activities, collaborative projects, and so on.

If you are interested in such things, we invite you to visit often or to subscribe to our syndication feeds and to comment freely.

If you host events that would interest us, or just know about them, IM Bieneff Bruder in world or send me an email at bieneff dot bruder at gmail dot com. (Properly formatted, of course.) I will post about them here, and if you want to promote your ideas regularly, please inquire about a guest editing position. Invitations for cross-linking are encouraged as well.

Second Life is exciting in part because of its potential to build community.

Let’s do it.

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