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Monthly Archives: March 2007

A poetry slam in SL. Of course. Why has that notion never sprung to my mind? Why have I never seen a poetry slam in SL before today? Have I not been paying close enough attention? Well, that’s possible. In any case, there’s a poetry slam tonight, and I think it’s a swell idea. And […]

Today at 7:00, Starsitter Quality is hosting the fourth in a 4-part serieson “Skeptical Buddhism.” If you’ve missed the other three, here’s your chance to catch the last in the series.replica rolex submariner watch rolex submariner black replica From the blurb: “Fourth in a 4-part series on Skeptical Buddhism, in plain English. What is the […]

Here’s an interesting spin on the regular discussion: include a jazz DJ. Coffee talk at Djork Garden – 9:00am SLT, today! From the blurb: “Join us at Djork Garden for Morning Coffee and Jazz with DJ Alexi Ayres. Friendly people and atmosphere for music, arts, and discussion.”most authentic replica watches rolex oyster perpetual day-date fake […]

The blurb for Extropia’s “Thinker’s Discussion” today contains these rather startling sentences: “In the future, the internet will be comprised of trillions of sensors. There might be AI that can see, hear, recognise emotion and even read minds.” I wonder on what Extropia basis this assertion, don’t you? Well, get over to Support For Healing […]

Wednesday, March 5 at 8pm sl at the Benicia Hill Community Center: ‘Love in the Metaverse: SL Relationships — Second Life author Ansel Gasparini is looking for any and all opinions to help new residents with this sometimes thorny, always facinating topic. We’ll be discussing such questions as: “1) How are SL relationshps different than […]