You’re a creative person, so pop on by the Bakery of the Poets tonight to chat about creativity. From the blurb: “Come on by Bakery of the Poets. Set your region to midnight and let’s talk about art, creativity and inspiration. Question of the night: To be decided.”

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Looks like Ina Centaur is making it easy for people in different time zones to attend the sLiterary Writing and Art Info Meeting. There’s an hour scheduled at 4pm and another at 9pm (SLT both). Here’s the blurb:

“sLiterary ( is a new quarterly ezine dedicated entirely to stories set in the reality of Second Life. sLiterary will be published both inworld in SL as well as on the web at, which will also feature quarterly art portfolios — some of which will be displayed in sLiterary’s in-world art gallery, free of charge.

“Come to this Info Meeting to discuss your story ideas, meet writing buddies, and find out more about sLiterary.”

If you’re a writer, I strongly recommend attending this event.

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