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The Benicia Hill Community Center website is up and running. Have a look!oakley replica watches paypal Average Rating: 4.5 out of 5 based on 284 user reviews. [ | | | – best price, fast delivery | ]

Tonight at 8:00pm SLT, Robb Rail is hosting an open-format political discussion he’s titled the “Wednesday Night Political Extravaganza.” Should be good, and plus… extra points for using the word extravaganza. From the blurb: “Come join us for our weekly discussion of all things political. The crowd will dictate the type of discussion that is […]

Yet another discussion about the relationship between SL and RL. Can there ever be too many? Apparently not. Get on over there. The hosts this time are  the smart folks of Digital Cultures, so it should be a good one.fake rolex watches Average Rating: 5 out of 5 based on 255 user reviews. [ | […]

Today at 2:00pm slt, Celedon Kakapo is hosting a discussion titled “What do you tell people about your Second Life?” This is a splendid topic and should be a great discussion. Be advised that the discussion will be recorded and may be used as part of a research project. From the blurb: “An exploration of […]

The potential for SL to influence and be influenced by RL is significant. On Saturday, Absolute Balderdash (what a name!) will hold a discussion about this topic as part of a research project. Should be fun and interesting. From the blurb: “How does SL influence RL situations or vice versa? What does SL mean to […]

A poetry slam in SL. Of course. Why has that notion never sprung to my mind? Why have I never seen a poetry slam in SL before today? Have I not been paying close enough attention? Well, that’s possible. In any case, there’s a poetry slam tonight, and I think it’s a swell idea. And […]

Today at 7:00, Starsitter Quality is hosting the fourth in a 4-part serieson “Skeptical Buddhism.” If you’ve missed the other three, here’s your chance to catch the last in the series.replica rolex submariner watch rolex submariner black replica From the blurb: “Fourth in a 4-part series on Skeptical Buddhism, in plain English. What is the […]

Here’s an interesting spin on the regular discussion: include a jazz DJ. Coffee talk at Djork Garden – 9:00am SLT, today! From the blurb: “Join us at Djork Garden for Morning Coffee and Jazz with DJ Alexi Ayres. Friendly people and atmosphere for music, arts, and discussion.”most authentic replica watches rolex oyster perpetual day-date fake […]

The blurb for Extropia’s “Thinker’s Discussion” today contains these rather startling sentences: “In the future, the internet will be comprised of trillions of sensors. There might be AI that can see, hear, recognise emotion and even read minds.” I wonder on what Extropia basis this assertion, don’t you? Well, get over to Support For Healing […]

Wednesday, March 5 at 8pm sl at the Benicia Hill Community Center: ‘Love in the Metaverse: SL Relationships — Second Life author Ansel Gasparini is looking for any and all opinions to help new residents with this sometimes thorny, always facinating topic. We’ll be discussing such questions as: “1) How are SL relationshps different than […]