Aki Clutterbuck, mug in hand, leading the Making SL work for the Real World discussion.

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Looks like Ina Centaur is making it easy for people in different time zones to attend the sLiterary Writing and Art Info Meeting. There’s an hour scheduled at 4pm and another at 9pm (SLT both). Here’s the blurb:

“sLiterary (http://sLiterary.com) is a new quarterly ezine dedicated entirely to stories set in the reality of Second Life. sLiterary will be published both inworld in SL as well as on the web at sLiterary.com, which will also feature quarterly art portfolios — some of which will be displayed in sLiterary’s in-world art gallery, free of charge.

“Come to this Info Meeting to discuss your story ideas, meet writing buddies, and find out more about sLiterary.”

If you’re a writer, I strongly recommend attending this event.

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This looks like a promising event: Integration: Making Second Life work for the Real World. Hosted by Aki Clutterbuck in Sinsation from 7pm – 8pm slt. From the events posting:

Weekly discussion group about Second Life as a tool for Real World organizations and education.

Using SL to further RL organizations and projects? Yes, please!

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  • Tonight at 6:00pm SLT, Jesa Li will be the guest speaker at the Bliss Center. Jesa is a bright, articulate woman, so this should be a good event. The title of the event is “Healing with the Faeries at the Bliss Center.”
  • At 5:00pm SLT, there’s a Buddhist Talk in Huchu, hosted by Pepper Laxness. The “Buddhism Listening and Discussion Group” will gather to hear a pre-recorded audio talk on “Practice In Daily Life”, followed by a brief chat. Suitable for all, and all are welcome.
  • If you’d like to take part in organizing the March diversity festival, head on over to Verum’s Diversity Festival Committee Meeting.

In other news, I see that the Rubyists haven’t resumed their Sunday night discussions. I wonder when that might start happening again.

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A few of the participants at the SLake chat.

The inaugural SLake chat was held tonight at the Benicia Hill Community Center. A number of great SL things were mentioned including:

  • SLiterary (http://www.sliterary.com) – A publication dedicated entirely to stories set in the reality of Second Life.
  • Excerpts of the works of Steve Miller and Sharon Lee on Chatrez Island. (SLurl) (Look for the glass building.)
  • People mentioned the need for a resource for cool places to explore in world.
  • The Candle Society was mentioned. This group “aims to become a clearinghouse of locations of substance in-world. They also have ambitions to provide a physical space where such information can be archived, as well.”

Then a fascinating discussion ensued about ways event notification could work in a more perfect (second) world.

Thank you, everyone who came to the discussion tonight.

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The December doldroms are behind us, and things are picking up nicely in discussionland. Today there’s:

If I weren’t hosting the 8pm discussion, I’d like to go to both the Men’s Group and the novel discussion. Hm. I can be in three places at once, right?

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Tomorrow night (Wednesday), there’ll be an in-world discussion about this blog and a casual brainstorming session about it at the Benicia Hill Community Center. Come to lurk or share ideas — all are welcome. You can read all about it in the event’s listing. See you there!

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Today, January 1, is pretty quiet in terms of discussion events in SL — there are none listed — but tomorrow night is shaping up nicely already. There are, at the time of this writing, three discussion events scheduled already:

At 3:30PM SLT, Extropia DaSilva is hosting a discussion on Support For Healing Island called: “Thinkers Discussion: Criticising Linden Labs.” Judging by the description, this will be a look at how and why we go about criticising Linden Lab, not a sustained session of actual criticising. Good stuff. This sentence in particular caught my eye: “At what point does constructive criticism degenerate into unreasonable attacks that simply expect the impossible?” Indeed!

At 5:00PM SLT, Soren Ferlinghetti is hosting a discussion in Bluenose about the Bright movement titled “The Ethics of Atheism — at the Virtual Temple.”

And, finally, at 9:00PM SLT, you can join the Socrates Cafe discussion at Verum’s Place.

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Happy New Year, SLake readers! Here’s wishing you a prosperous, joyous, and grief-free 2007. Thanks to those of you who’ve had nice things to say about this new fledgling blog. I’m always open to hearing about events and projects in world, so feel free to send ‘em my way.

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Discussion Group In Action

I host discussion events in Second Life so I meet a lot of people who like to discuss, debate, and generally share ideas. A common complaint I hear about SL from these folks is that while it’s all but impossible NOT to find gambling and strip clubs, it’s decidedly more challenging to find events that are more substantial and compelling. The goal of this blog, SLake, is to bridge that gap and to provide a reliable source of information about events and projects that appeal to the mind and/or spirit. Second Life beyond the poseballs, so to speak.

Second Life is as varied as Real Life. Maybe more so, given the freedom from certain RL constraints. (Flown over a building under your own power lately in RL? Slapped together a castle in an afternoon, perhaps? Waltzed with a dragon?) The range of activities in world are marvelously broad: everything from the silly to the sublime to the sexual to the serious… Now, Slake doesn’t look down on silliness or Slingo or sexual experimentation or gambling or the club circuit — it’s just that, when scanning the bounty of our virtual feast, it’s so easy to find the sweets and difficult to find the meats. Er, so to speak. I mean meaty things like: interesting discussions, book clubs, special interest group meetings, community-oriented activities, collaborative projects, and so on.

If you are interested in such things, we invite you to visit often or to subscribe to our syndication feeds and to comment freely.

If you host events that would interest us, or just know about them, IM Bieneff Bruder in world or send me an email at bieneff dot bruder at gmail dot com. (Properly formatted, of course.) I will post about them here, and if you want to promote your ideas regularly, please inquire about a guest editing position. Invitations for cross-linking are encouraged as well.

Second Life is exciting in part because of its potential to build community. Let’s do it.

Average Rating: 4.8 out of 5 based on 187 user reviews.

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