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Benicia Hill Community Center website is up!

The Benicia Hill Community Center website is up and running. Have a look!oakley replica watches paypal

Earth Day Skate-A-Thon and After Party!

The every-energetic Aki Clutterbuck has informed me of a wonderful event you should know about right now! Sorry for the short notice — my fault, not Aki’s!replica watch deals bentley truck replica TODAY from 3-6pm SLT, there will be a Skate-A-Thon. This is a fundraising event for San Francisco’s Friends of the Urban Forest, so […]

Influences SL has on RL, or vice versa

The potential for SL to influence and be influenced by RL is significant. On Saturday, Absolute Balderdash (what a name!) will hold a discussion about this topic as part of a research project. Should be fun and interesting. From the blurb: “How does SL influence RL situations or vice versa? What does SL mean to […]

Millions of Accounts: Too Many Too Soon?

At 3:30pm slt today, Extropia DaSilva is hosting a discussion about the implications of explosive population growth in Second Life: “Linden Labs recently introduced plans to limit access to SL when the ‘demand for transmission of data between servers is outstripping the ability of the network to support it’. In other words, when there are […]

Ruby, Obama, and Wednesday Night Chat

It’s Wednesday night, and that means it’s time for wednesday night chat at the Benicia Hill Community Center at 8pm slt. Tonight is “open topic” so brings ideas for stuff to discuss. Serious. Silly. Whatever you like. fake watches Obama for President (6pm slt) Rubyists of Second Life Meeting (6pm slt) The Rubyists meeting is […]

The War In Iraq, Wednesday — Other great discussions Tuesday

Wednesday night, we’re eschewing the obvious Valentine’s Day theme and going for a political discussion instead. Take that, Cupid. Come discuss the War in Iraq at the Benicia Hill Community Center. Tuesday night is hoppin’ with four (at the time of this writing) excellent discussion events, at various places around SL with various hosts: 3:30PM […]

Return of the Rubyists

Hooray. The Rubyists of Second Life are back and having a 2007 kickoff meeting on Wednesday, February 7th at 6:00pm slt. If you’re unfamiliar with Ruby, please read the Wikipedia entry about it. (Hint: It’s a programming language.) “Rubyists of Second Life Meeting – 2007 Kickoff We’ll hold our first meeting of the new year, […]

Micro-Kyoto Protocol, SL Style! — Free Idea Needs A Good Home!

Extropia’s event (see previous post) reminds me of something that’s been floating around on my project list for a few weeks and has already moved to my “give this idea away because I don’t have room for it” list. I’ve talked to one or two people in-world about it, and there appears to be interest, […]

Terrorism, Planetary Destruction

Tee shirt reads: “Somewhere in Texas there’s a village missing an idiot.” BHCC chat participant 24 January 2006 Here are two events I recommend next tuesday, 30 January 2007: 3:30pm slt – Thinkers Discussion: Will the metaverse kill the planet? – Blurbage: “It sure is fun working and playing in cyberspace, and it does not […]

An intro to a Buddhist’s Life

Here’s another great event by way of the tireless Verum Vacirca. Diversity 2007: An intro to a Buddhist’s Life. “Reverend Jishin Shinohara will share about becoming a Buddhist priest and her life since. Q & A afterwards.” (7pm slt)