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Extropia’s event (see previous post) reminds me of something that’s been floating around on my project list for a few weeks and has already moved to my “give this idea away because I don’t have room for it” list. I’ve talked to one or two people in-world about it, and there appears to be interest, […]

I love watching tennis. I don’t know why. It’s just weirdly satisfying. I like to play tennis too, but given the choice between watching world class competitors battle it out on the court and playing my own unimpressive (though enthusiastic) game, I’ll take the spectator role any day. Given my affection for tennis spectatorship, I […]

There’s an interesting article (“The New Status Symbol for Colleges? An Island in Second Life“) in today’s about the private islands of colleges. Sez the article: “Second Life, the increasingly popular virtual world, now boasts more than 100 “islands” dedicated to a variety of educational pursuits. And many of those islands — digital plots […]

Linden Lab have open sourced the SL client. From the official announcement: “Freely-downloadable from the Second Life website, the Viewer software enables Residents to control their in-world avatars, interact with each other via Instant Message, create content, buy and sell objects, access multimedia content and to navigate around the virtual environment.” Read more on Reuters. […]

Tonight at 6:00pm SLT, Jesa Li will be the guest speaker at the Bliss Center. Jesa is a bright, articulate woman, so this should be a good event. The title of the event is “Healing with the Faeries at the Bliss Center.” At 5:00pm SLT, there’s a Buddhist Talk in Huchu, hosted by Pepper Laxness. […]

If you were strolling down the street in my neighborhood and stopped me to ask, “Excuse me. What channels are C-SPAN and C-SPAN2 in this neck of the woods?” I would immediately and with zero hesitation bark out: “24 and 25!” Why do I know this? Why do I carry around these numbers in my […]

Happy New Year, SLake readers! Here’s wishing you a prosperous, joyous, and grief-free 2007. Thanks to those of you who’ve had nice things to say about this new fledgling blog. I’m always open to hearing about events and projects in world, so feel free to send ’em my way. Average Rating: 5 out of 5 […]

I host discussion events in Second Life so I meet a lot of people who like to discuss, debate, and generally share ideas. A common complaint I hear about SL from these folks is that while it’s all but impossible NOT to find gambling and strip clubs, it’s decidedly more challenging to find events that […]