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A poetry slam in SL. Of course. Why has that notion never sprung to my mind? Why have I never seen a poetry slam in SL before today? Have I not been paying close enough attention? Well, that’s possible. In any case, there’s a poetry slam tonight, and I think it’s a swell idea. And […]

What makes a good novel? What makes it satisfying, meaningful, or engaging? Whether you’re a writer or a reader (or both!), come on by the Benicia Hill Community Center and talk about what it is about the novels you love that make them so great. Benicia Hill Community Center, Wednesday, 8pm SLT. (This topic, by […]

Looks like Ina Centaur is making it easy for people in different time zones to attend the sLiterary Writing and Art Info Meeting. There’s an hour scheduled at 4pm and another at 9pm (SLT both). Here’s the blurb: “sLiterary ( is a new quarterly ezine dedicated entirely to stories set in the reality of Second […]